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      • Eeating Time: 4,3 seconds
      • Can be dropped for teammates
      • Gives teammates 50% of their health back

      The sandvich is one of the three new weapons included in the heavy update. The weapon is unlocked once you reach 10 achievements and aquire the "Heavy Milestone 1".

      With the sandvich, you become more independent from your medic, because when you are in a safe spot, you can replenish some health with this delicious mustard-flavoured beauty, and get right into action again afterwards. Since the TF2 update of the 15th of september your health is being completely restored and you can also drop the sandvich for your teammates to restore some of their health. When they pick it up, they are being granted 50% of their maximum life. The sandvich is hereby removed from the heavy, so he is unable to use it until he picks up a medkit while he is at full health.

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