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The best TF2 player

Who is the best TF2-Player? Me? You? That dude from the super-clan?
By which characteristics would you define a good player anyway?  Sirlin proposes the following criteria:

  • Familiar with tournamentsProgamer
  • Universal knowledge about the game
  • Strong tendency towards the game
  • Mental toughness
  • Proper attitude on the topics "Win" "Lose" and "Improvement"
  • Technical experience, also dubbed "Skill"
  • Ability to adjust himself to his teammates
  • Knowledge about / skills in other games of the same genre
  • "Yomi", the ability to act intuitively and make the right decisions as well as reading the game-play of the other team.
  • Ability, to judge given situations right.

The problem with TF2: We are not talking about one game, but about 9 different classes, numerous Game-Modes such as "32-player-public", "24-player-public", "1on1", "6on6", "Sniper vs. Sniper", "surf", "prophunt" and so on. Is it just to define the most popular tournament gamemode as "TF2", or shall we look at that gamemode with the most players?
Maybe one should accept, at this point, that, obviously, there exists a "best" player for any class in any gamemode. But how would you determine that without any competition? And how, during a tournament, would you determine, that the team, that won, actually has the best demoman of the tournament?  

Sackhüpfer Guiness RekordYou simply can't prove it. So I propose that anyone can see himself as "the best TF2 player", if he decides so. If you then encounter another player on a public server, that dominates you like there is no tomorrow, you can still find something good within that. "Other than him, I'm good at playing with multiple classes, whereas he can not! And probably I'm even better at clan matches than he is. And without headwind and crits, it's even more obvious!!!"

No one can deny that, because there is no proof of it, so why shouldn't you think that way? That is the reason why newbies enjoy playing TF2, because they have good moments, and are positive about themselves. When it comes to assembling teams, it is very useful, to think about things like "At this particular gamemode, player XY is better at playing class Z with us". But is it useful to carry that "I-am-the-best"-attitude out into the world? The question here is: What for? Respect?

Hands up: who respects that guy, who is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records because he is the fastest at sack race over 10 km? Few? But they were, at least, able to distinctively determine his skill

Thanks for reading  - [NSA]Manji (the best TF2-Allrounder, fastest TF2-backwards-runner and best heavy ....  if he has a medic ....  on a public server ....  which is full .... and has crits active .... and where damage spread is turned off)

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