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TFC Technique


TFC, a modification of Half-Life, is needless to say based on the Half-Life Engine which again is based on the Quake Engine. This engine can display up to 800 polygones per character and offers a fluent gameplay even on slower computers.


The TF 1.5 engine allows personal binds. Binds are settings which can be add to a certain key.

For example: You can bind the sentence "I have the flag. Cover me!" on the key "T". This sentence will appear everytime you push "T".

Binds can be build before the match or even inside the game. Before the match you need to add them in the ".cfg" files, in general the "config.cfg" in your TF 1.5 directory. In case you are in the game you need to open the console with "^" (it is the button next to "1") and add the binds directly. They will then be saved to your "config.cfg" directly. The settings you enter in the console will be taken over by pressing "Enter". The Syntax for a bind looks like:

bind "key" "command parameter"

For upper example it will look like this:

bind t "say I have the flag. Cover me!"

Here a few more commands:

Message "Text" to all players - say Text
Message "Text" to all players of your own team - say_team Text
Destroy your own dispenser (only working as engineer) - detdispenser
Changes your name into "Nick" - name Nick
Shows Framerate, Ping, Loss, etc. - net_graph 3

Commands that are being activated with a number will be deactivated with a 0.


RCon is a shortcut for "Remote Control". With this technique serveradmins can administrate their servers inside the game through the console. They can now change the map, kick players, ban, etc. You can be authorised as a serveradmin by typing

rcon_password ADMINPASSWORD

into the console. Of course you need to know the ADMINPASSWORD of your server for this procedure. The Adminpassword is saved in the servers config file. You can change the map after you successfully logged in by typing:

rcon changelevel 2fort

The "rcon" needs to stand in front of all server commands. A detailed list of all rcon commands can be downloaded in the Downloads section.

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