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About Team Fortress Classic | TFC | TF 1.5


Team Fortress 1.5 (from now on called TFC - Team Fortress Classic) was the first modification for Valve's bestseller Half-Life. Today this modification is still be played often and with it's popularity and variety of maps it even got some modifications of TFC itself nowadays.

Originally Team Fortress 1.5 should have been the game we nowadays know as Team Fortress 2 but due to the features that should be included in Valve's Team Fortress 2 they decided to launch Team Fortress 2 separately as a full-prize game and released the Team Fortress 1.5 modification as small version of it.

Out of this Team Fortress Classic had been formed. With a big upgrade Valve decided to give this modification the version-number 1.5, so Team Fortress 1.5 was created. Valve consistently tested new features which should be included in Team Fortress Classic/1.5 which might had been part of TF2 too. Therefore Team Fortress Classic changed again and again up till now.

Game play

Even though TFC had been developed as a team game, you still have a good chance to score as a single player. Generally speaking we differ 6 several game modes in TFC. Capture the Flag (CTF) is the most common game mode. Two teams try to get the flag out of the opponents' base and capture it in their own base in order to score.

The second game mode is domination. Thereby several teams fight for certain points on the map and try to hold them in their teams property in order to score as much points as they can.

The third game mode is assassination. Three teams are playing - the assassins try to kill the VIP who is supported by his bodyguards.

The target of the fourth game mode is to release the toxic gas in the enemys' base. Therefore a key is necessary which needs to be stolen out of the enemys' office.

The fifth game mode is about a kind of soccer where each team tries to get the ball in the goal of the enemy base.

The last game mode is a kind of domination too where one team plays the defense and one team the offense part. It is a classical attack vs defense mode. After one team finished attacking and got all points in the different map zones the roles are being switched and the other team starts attacking.

Videos about Team Fortress Classic

Some scenes about Team Fortress Classic. General scenes and skill videos should give you a good scoop about TFC.



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