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The Canteens

The Canteens

Canteens, or Power Up Canteens, are Action-Slot Items that are available explicitly for the Mann vs. Machine Gamemode. A Power Up Canteen is awarded after the first sucessfully absolved MvM mission. Alternatively, they are craftable (see Blueprint).

Power Up Canteen


The Power Up Canteen is, if equipped, visible at the hip of the character. This works for ordinary game modes as well, although, it is not usable.


Before the Canteen is ready to be equipped, it must be charged with a specific effect. You can do this at the Upgrade Shop. Every canteen can take up to three charges of a certain effect. It is used by pressing the Action-Slot key (standard: H)


This are the Canteens (resp. effects):






Übercharge Canteen



player gets invincible for 5 seconds (resp. Sentry-Gun indestructable)


Critical Hit Boost Canteen

Critical Hit Boost


player deals 100%critical hits for 5 seconds


Ammo/Clip Refill Canteen

Ammo/Clip Refill


any ammunition, metal and effects, such as Cloak and Jarate are refilled


Return to Base Canteen

Return to Base


player gets teleported to the spawn room and receives a minor speed boost


Buildings Upgrade Canteen

Buildings Upgrade


buildings are immideately upgraded to  Level 3 (only Engineer)



Canteen tutorial video:

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