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Huge Update released
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.12.2008 Time 08:23

That wasn't supposed to happen anytime soon. In between the Left 4 Dead Hype Valve managed to release a Christmaspackage for the Team Fortress 2 Players. The Change List is not the longest but the changes for a few particular Classes are huge. A few of them should reset the balancing a little bit. But let's just take a look!

The official TF2-Update Changelog:[quote]
  • The Engineer´s teleporters can now be upgraded to level three. It will recharge faster the higher level it is
  • The Engineer´s dispensers can now be upgraded to level three. It will give out metal and heal faster as it is upgraded
  • Spies will be able to recharge their cloaking ability by picking up ammo off of the ground or from health cabinets
  • Some changes to the second part of the first stage of Goldrush to give the attackers more of an advantage
  • Any weapons that fire bullets (shotguns, sniper´s machine gun, heavy´s minigun, etc.) can now break apart the Demoman´s stickybombs
  • The icon on the HUD for a person calling for Medic will now give more information to the medic (if the target is low on health, on fire, etc.)
  • Added an achievement tracker that will allow people to choose specific achievements that they are trying to get
  • There is now a custom icon for death messages when the player was killed from a critical hit
  • Added a new particle effect for when a player enters the water
  • Added smoke to the feet of a rocket jumping soldier
  • Players will now have some particles swirling around them so other players can see when they are overhealed
  • [/quote]

    The Explanations - what is new?!?!

    • The Teleporter now can as the Sentry Gun be upgraded to Level 3. Each Teleporter Level needs as the SG 200 Metal. A Level 3 Teleporter needs 3 Seconds to recharge, a Level 1 Teleporter needs 10 seconds for a recharge.

    • TF2 Teleporter Level 1
      TF2 Teleporter Level 2
      TF2 Teleporter Level 3

    • The Dispenser also can get Upgraded to Level 3. It again costs 200 Metal every Level. A Level 3 Dispenser is able to Heal 20 Health Points per second.

    • TF2 Dispenser Level 1 TF2 Dispenser Level 2 TF2 Dispenser Level 3
    • Spy can now recharge their Cloak Ability when they pick up Ammunition or Health-Packs. Futhermore they can use their own Teams Dispenser or enemy Dispensers to recharge it.

    • A few changes to the 2nd Part of the 1st Chapter of Goldrush should give the Attacker more opportunities now.

    • TF2 - Änderungen Goldrush außen
      TF2 - Änderungen Goldrush innen

    • Harder Times for the Demoman - Happy Times for everyone else!
      Any Projectile Weapon ( Pistol, Shotgun, HW-Machinegun) can now destroy the Stickybombs of the Demoman. This doesn't count for Stickys that are still in midair. Anyway Pipetraps adé

    • TF2 - Sticky Bombs zerlegt

    • The Popup for Teammates that are calling for a Medic got a makeover and now contains more Information. So it's easier to judge if the calling Player is low on Health, burning or just annoying you with a quick lock on the Symbol over their Head.

    • TF2 - Medic! I'm burnin
      TF2 - Medic! Low Energy

    • New Feature - The Achievement Tracker!
      If you are hunting a certain Achievement, then you can now view it permanently on your HUD and check it's Status anytime you like!

    • TF2 - Medic! Achievementracker

    • If a Player died from a critical Hit then you now can see this according to the Death Message. Critical Kills will be shown with a ligth glow to the Weapon that killed the Player in the Death Message!

    • TF2 - Crit Kill Bar
      TF2 - Crit Kill Bar

    • New Partikel Effekt when Players jump into the Water. Yeah that was crucial... !!!

    • TF2 - Partikeleffekt Wasser

    • It doesn't matter if you do a Soldier Rocket-jump or a Demoman Sticky Pipe Jump either one of them becomes now burning feets when they successfully jumped around.

    • TF2 - DemojumpTF2 - Soldier Rocket Jump

    • Before the Update any Over-healed Player was glowing with some kind of Aura, with the new Update not anymore. The Over-Heal is shown with small Crosses flooting around the Playermodel!

    • TF2 - Overheal

    For any futher Announcements we will write another news Tomorrow. Valve has quite some plans :) For those that aren't patient enough they can check back on Valves Plans here on Valves-TF2-Blog.

    A big thanks goes out to Fιαcнzαиgε and CЯ4CKHΣ4Ð from the Community, those 2 helped BluEskY to collect those nice Screenshots in here. Thanks also to Gossip.krus.dk for giving us some of their Screens.


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