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ESL 6on6-League: A Status Report
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 26.11.2008 Time 12:12

Many Games have been played in the ESL 6on6 League and the Standings picture looks a lot clearer now.

In the 1st Division 4Kings was able to secure the first Sport with 3 Wins so far. Right behind them is Team Druidz at the 2nd Place and the Team Coolermaster 3rd. Right after those 3 the first German Team is placed - Die Doppelnullen. With wins over WotR and Team Druidz they're now 4th with 6 Points. r@ts and KomaCrew are both stuck at the bottom at the moment. With already 4 played Matches the r@ts where only able to get 1 Point due to a draw against WotR. Even with good Performances they had to surrender to the equally strong performances of the Opponents. Komacrew can like the Doppelnullen still gain some Ground on the Opposition. So far they only lost 1 Match so everything is still possible in this Division.

Table Division 1:
1. Packard Bell Four Kings
2. Team Druidz
3. Team-Coolermaster
4. Die Doppelnullen
5. Weapons of the Rebellion
6. redLine
7. rats-clan
8. KomaCrew.TF2

A Division lower the Picture for the German Teams looks a lot brighter. Both Divisions 2A/2B are lead by TFPortal.de and Soldiers at Work.

In the 3rd Division the German Teams also are looking good. Only cause we can kinda overslept the start of the Seasion and is only in 6th Place at the 3B Division. It looks way better for the Teams of veAre and Game Control. Both have settled nicely in 2nd Place in their Divisions. Game Control in Divsion 3C and veAre in Division 3B.

The last News about German Teams come from the Division 4B. There are playing the 2nd Team of veAre and the Players of Spartiaten by SoAP. With 3 Wins and a Loss the Spartiaten are 2nd in their Division. With this they're standing at 9 points and have all options open. The 2nd Team of veAre has gained 7 Points in just 3 Games.

* Update *
As we recently discovered Team Game Control will most likely fold in the coming Days/Weeks so their nice 2nd Place in the 3rd Division is for nothing... Too Bad but good Luck to all the Players of them that will continu to Play.


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