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Manta Engie videos
Written by Unknown on 24.11.2008 Time 15:44

Today we present you another TF2 video series. The user EvilDaedalus has created some decent videos during the past months, and yesterday he released his newest and best video so far video: TF2 - Mass A.I.. In this video, the terms "mass attack" and "domino effect" are being redefined.

But this is not the only video EvilDaedalus has created. Another good video from him is the Meet the Scout - Outtakes video. As the name suggests, it shows you several outtakes scenes from the Meet the Scout video.

And last bot not least, here we have a classic: The TF2 version of the 300! Remix video (In case you don’t know the original video watch it here)

Getting interested in EvilDaedalu’s style? Then visit Manta Engie!, EvilDaedalus’s site.


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