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Panache! dropped and plan-B dropping too?
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 19.11.2008 Time 12:01

As you can see on TF2 Gossip the team Panache! is folding. The team which was former known as ^wotr²^ was playing since one month under that name.
Reason for folding is according to pukz a lack of motivation within the team and the inactivity of their Demoman RuneSky.

Again the TF2 scene is losing a team which came up with high potential. The further plans of the members are not known at the moment.

Also the former German team plan-B seems to be stuck in a crisis.
The team has expanded their squad with two Israeli players techtron and Reveral and recently took the French Demoman bun. Additionaly their was a second squad set up.

According to the team leader rook some leavings will happen. The team has to be reformed and will play for now on a lower level.

Rumours are telling that Puschen which is playin in the national team will change to n2o and the player bun seems to going inactive. If this is true there is no Demoman left after the recent leaving of Spawnhawk.

If the guys can keep on playing or if there is another drop within the scene you will read on TFPortal.


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