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Team news - DCSB, wotr² and n-wave
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 16.11.2008 Time 17:57

Within the last days and weeks there were some player changes and reformations within the scene. At IDK a few weeks ago the IDK.White-Squad was formed (wir berichteten). The team was playing a strong ETF2L season and endedup 1st in division 3a. The whole team has changed and is now playing under the tag of Northwave. The reason for the change was that they didn't wanted to play as second team anymore.

The lineup of n-wave:

Simon "Loco" Evans
Adrian "nighter" Östergård
Alex "jones" Jones
Rob "sh0x" Smith
Matthew "matji" Marr
Nicolas "kn0ck" G
Alexander "pEx" Klunejko
Kiean "Fish" Milne

Statements and more information you can get within the official announcement at Northwave.

The team DCSB, Dead Cows Strike Back, is back. Month ago they decided to fold. With a new lineup the are start playing soon. DCSB was one of the top teams as they announced that they are folding. As soon as the complete team is known we will keep you up to date with that information.

After many changes and reformations at wotr there were only one team left out of former three. Now they have a second team again. The new wotr² team some of you still now under the name Festina Lente, which was playing in division 4b of ETF2L season 3.

The lineup of wotr²:



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