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Team Fortress 2 soon with Left 4 Dead engine?
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.11.2008 Time 12:06

One of the most interesting topics these days in the TF2 section of the TF2-Steamforum is the performance of the Left 4 Dead Demo. Some players reported that L4D runs smoother on their PCs then TF2 does. "How comes that?" some of you may ask.

L4D uses the newest version of the Source Engine. This version fully supports multi-core processors, allowing the game to take full advantages of the multiprocessing technology.

Unfortunately, TF2 doesn't support multi-core processors as flawless as L4D does. It is possible to enable multi-core processor support by using the console command mat_queue_mode "2", but in some cases the command may lowers the fps rate or even let the game crash entirely. It is also possible that the command doesn't improve the performance at all, but at least doesn't cause any negative side effects.
In any case, TF2 simply doesn't support multi-core processors flawlessly at the moment.

Valve promised to update TF2 in order to let it take advantage from multi-core processors, just like L4D does. As always, only god knows when this’ll actually happen, but it will happen.


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