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K1ck.eSports is folding
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 04.11.2008 Time 11:00

While one team is celebrating their comeback other teams are folding. After leaving of Seppo and Agron the player More now announced that they are going to stop playing Team Fortress 2 and the TF2 team of K1ck.eSports has split up now.

The team Cruciamentum has joined the multigaming clan K1ck at the beginning of ETF2l season 3.

Where the journey of the players will lead is not known at the moment. Our colleagues from MyTeamfortress.de are reporting about Agron playing a trial at 4 Kings. After leaving of TeoK the former 4 Kings Medic the position has to be filled soon.

The free slot which K1ck is leaving in the 1st division of the ESL League was taken by 4 Kings now.


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