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Arena cup and rule changes
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 28.09.2008 Time 16:19

The Watchtower-Arena-1-Day-Cup is over. Now the
Arena Cup will start soon. The cup will be played like the previous cup with a setting of 4vs4 and classlimit 1 without medic and engineer.

Up to 128 teams are able to participate within the cup. For signing up you have to create a arena team. This team must contain at least 4 players and at least 2 way to contact the team. The signups are opened till 23:59 CET on the 5th October.

The first round will start on the 6th October. For winning a round the opponent has to be beaten on 2 maps. The ETF2L started a vote to decide the best of x mode for the maps.

Also the rules were changed. From now on it is allowed to set sv_pausable to 1 like it's allowed within the ESL. But you only are allowed to pause a game after a completed round on CP maps and on CTF maps only if both intelligence are placed in there base. Both teams must be agree to pause and only if players are dropped and not disconnected by thereselfs.


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