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Interrobang follows the trend
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 26.09.2008 Time 10:29

In an interview for the PC Gamer LAN showdown where well known TF2 teams like 4Kings, Team Coolermaster, The Last Resort and of course Interrobang have given statements, Interrobang stated that they will also join a big organization.

Juho "Moose" Pättö from Interrobang:
And like nub mentioned, we won't be playing with the name Interrobang for much longer. We found a great organization that was able to help us come to England from Finland and Sweden. You can expect a more detailed announcement on Saturday.

We stay curious which organization that would be. According to some rumors they could join the famous multigaming clan Excello. But as the statement says, on saturday we will know more.


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