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Discussion: Which is the best team in Europe?
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 25.09.2008 Time 22:15

Looking at the recent matches of the ESL and the ETF2L creates new impressions and cognitions of some teams. But the question of which team is the best in Europe is still questionable. Hence we want to know what the community thinks and which team you would rate the best in Europe.
But firstly short introductions to all the teams which could match in this position.

Team Coolermaster: Formerly know as Weapons of the Rebellion, which has been a very successful clan, ^wotr^ was picked by Coolermaster, a famous hardware manufacturer. It may have been the best team ever but now being TCM they had to take some draws and losses against well known and upcoming opponents such as 4Kings, k1ck, Interrobang and Übersexuals.

Before being picked up by k1ck they played as Cruciamentum and during that time they already were a tough opponent, but they couldn't establish a position in the upper ranks. But their recent improvement makes it possible for them to take a position like that or even to be number 1 in Europe

Übersexuals: This promising mix of formerly Excello, Knights and Fracture players has been a very strong team right from the start and they can match with big names like Team Coolermaster.

The Last Resort: Not only the CS team from TLR is very successful in the scene. Also the TF2 is able to grow big and they lasty showed that against 4Kings in an ETF2L match.

4 Kings: The "alltime favourite" before teams like TCM or Interrobang were rising. But still 4K is one of the absolutely best teams and we can expect thrilling battles between them and other top teams.

Interrobang: Not only the name of this team is extraordinary, also their ability to play at the highest level. Not only because of famous players like hymzi they have become such a strong team. Also players from Clan United have found their new home in Interrobang.

Vale!: Vale has given a surprise during the EMS Qualifier #2 beating k1ck. Though this team mainly contains of players of the formerly mid-skilled belgian Rasta-Clan, they improved a lot and got support from other teams like DCSB.

Laukaus: Just shortly found by three finnish clans named Care Bears, ret and Oslo Lions they may develop to a good team if they aren't a good team already.

French Kiss: Behind this charming name hides a rather unknown team which partly contains of former thai#whine members. But their recent result where really convincing.

Mousetek: This team also followed the trend of being picked up by a multigaming clan. Before that they were know as Zero Tolerance and they have the potential to become a good team.

Die Doppelnullen: Also a german team has the guts to keep up with the international teams. Formerly known as Last one alive lock the door, short: it's a farm they recently joined clan00 and made their debut with some good results.

Now its your turn! Tell us your opinion. Is one of the listed teams a clear favorite? Or are there other teams which haven't been mentioned? Tell us and start a discussion!


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