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Gang Garrison 2
Written by Unknown on 20.09.2008 Time 15:17

Do you loved the good old games on the NES? Do you love Team Fortress 2? Then you'll most likely love this game: Gang Garrison 2.

TF2 Game - Gang Garrison 2

TF2 Game - Gang Garrison 2

Gang Garrison 2 plays like the original TF2; same two teams, same 9 classes and same maps. The only difference is that the game features NES-like graphics and sounds. You could say it's a NES version of TF2 in some way.

You can find instructions for the controls and other options in theReadme.txt file of the game or in the Download section of the game.

The game supports online play, just join one of the servers or host an own server.

And last but not least, here's a gameplay video:

Video - TF2 - Gang Garrison 2


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