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New 3on3 Ladder from the ESL
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 18.09.2008 Time 16:39

After receiving positiv feedback from the Team Fortress 2 community the ESL opens 2 new ladders.

The first ladder we like to introduce to you is the 3on3 Arena Ladder. The rules for this ladder are taken over from the 3on3 Arena Cup which means that there is a classlimit of 1 and medic forbidden.

The matches will be played like this: 15 rounds per map. The results will be summed up afterwards. For better understanding an example:

Team A Homemap: Team A [10 : 5] Team B
Team B Homemap: Team A [6 : 9] Team B

The overall result: Team A [16 : 14] Team B

Due to the fact that the ESL focuses on the 3on3 Arena sector the actual 3on3 European Ladder will be closed.

The second ladder which will opend is the 3on3 Arena Premiership.

These ladder will start with a group stage and will be continued by relegations and playoffs. The matches will be played equal to the 3on3 Arena Ladder. Premium-Accounts can be won as it is used to by ESL Cups.

The Premiership will last the whole fall. The exeact dates will be made concerning to the number of teams which will be participate.


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