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Fun cups completed and Arena cup announced
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 16.09.2008 Time 17:07

After a delay the BBall 2on2 cup has finished.

Within the final team HAUNting with Coinz & Haunter played against team Massive Meat which is a subteam of Cruciamentum.
For Massive Meat were playing haza & kentt.

Both teams played a strong match. But finally team Massive Meat could win the last match.

Round 1 - HAUNting 25:20 Massive Meat
Round 2 - HAUNting 20:25 Massive Meat
Round 3 - HAUNting 25:32 Massive Meat

Also there was a public poll on the ETF2L page which decides the rules for the new gametype Arena.
The polls were closed on sunday with about 400 players which have voted.

The rules for the upcoming Arena cups are:
4on4, Classlimit 1, No Medics + Engineers

By using the followin link you can directly create an Arena team for attend on the upcoming cups:
Arena cup team creation.

The next cup will start soon.
On 25.09.2008 there will be a "Watchtower-Arena-1Day-Cup".
The map "arena_watchtower_b3" (Map hier Downloaden) will be played within this cup.

Even if that wouldn't be enough there will be a Arena cup with a team cap of 128 players starting on 6th October. The signups for the cup starting on 28.09.2008.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2on2 BBall cup and good luck to all participants on the Arena cups.


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