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WebOne comes up with a TF2 lineup
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 15.09.2008 Time 13:25

Actually there is a change within the TF2 community. Team Fortress 2 is more and more popular and the existing teams tend to change to established multigaming clans or organisations. The organisations are happy about that due to the fact that they can extend their sections of games played.

WebOne has recruted two teams at once. With team Creativ actually last placed within division 1 of the ETF2l and placed 12th within the ESL 6on6 Leage they got their first team. Team Creativ is now playing as WebOne.TF2.Red in all leagues.

The lineup of WebOne.TF2.Red:

Vivien 'DaGonz' Parpere (Scout)
Benoit 'c@m!' Dessein (Scout)
Romain 'JeX' Dralet (Soldier)
Dorian 'Lully' Ratel (Demoman)
Xavier 'SpikyOne' Vandecasteele (Demoman)
Alban 'PiKaLaSh' L. (Scout)
Benoit 'Tsu' Levasseur (Medic)
Romain 'fOurreux' Clerbout (Soldier)

The second team all around the leader BUN was created from scratch as it seems. If you have a look at the details within the ETF2L page it seems that they were mentioned as first team. Maybe there were a few players missing until now. Now the second attempt was taken and the team is complete with 6 players. The team will be playing in the leagues using the name WebOne.TF2.Black. If they can re-entry the ETF2L isn't known at the moment.

The lineup of WebOne.TF2.Black:

Tristan 'BuN Coulombier (Demoman)
Pierre 'Manov' Mineaud (Scout)
Benjamin 'tsuNg' Caillaud (Scout)
Edouard 'doud' Clep (Medic)
Vincent 'boobzy' Desanglois (Soldier)
'bito' (Soldier)

A whole news about WebOne... But what it's all about? WebOne is a French multigaming clan which was founded in 2000. Next to TF2 there is already played COD4, StarCraft and Fifa.


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