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Actual team changes
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 13.09.2008 Time 16:32

Like most of you already now, there were several team changes within the TF2 scene.

One of these teams are the players of It´s a Farm which are now playing for the Doppelnullen. Clan00 lost theire previous squad a few weeks ago.

1. ekse - Leader
2. pbL - Leader
3. GRANiT - Orga
4. aves - Player
5. bpf - Player
6. GeX - Player
7. Inqui - Player
8. NixNuz - Player
9. rts - Player

Team Team CoolerMaster
Also the alpha squad of ^wotr^ has left their team and is now playing under the flag of Team Cooler Master. On the site of ^wotr^ you can read that the teams split up in agreement of both sides and will stay in contact.

It is a big day for us here in the alpha squad and we are proud to
become a part of an organization as successful as
Team Cooler Master.
However I am sure that we all feel some sadness and regret at leaving ^wotr^ as it has been a very good home for us all and we have had many laughs both at LAN and online and will continue to do so even though we may wear a different tag.
The lineup didn't changed and looks like this:

1. Jim "Xman" Maguire (Team Manager)
2. Albert "Alberyayo" Otten
3. Ahmed "Byte" Fansa
4. Kirk "AppZ" Preston
5. Luis "Coinz" Moedas
6. Paul "Evil" Doyle
7. Neil "TopGear" Partridge
8. Nigel "Stealthy" Manson

Team MouseTek The team about "nubonamission" Zero Tollerance also changed. The team is playing for MOUSETEK from now on.

Statement from "nubonamission":
It’s been a long road with Zero Tolerance, the clan originally existed before I joined but was a totally different team. A while after I joined we were an OK team, we had many member changes along the way and eventually I ended up taking control over the clan and assuming the role of the clan leader. Since then it’s been a solid journey onwards and upwards, and we have recently started to shine with some skilled new members, and the improvement in skill from me and the two guys who have been with me all the way: Renegade and BEAST.

Now as Mousetek the clan will continue to improve as it has done all the way up until this point, but now with extra support and with even more drive to do better.[/quote]

Good luck to all of these teams.


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