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ETF2L: Overview of the 1st Division - Gamedays 1+2
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.09.2008 Time 19:04

Before we discuss the Clans and Results of the first two Gamedays in the Premier-Division of the ETF2L , we first want to talk about those Clans that already left the League without even Playing a Match.

The Number already went up to a total of 10 Clans who left the League, which naturaly is bad fot the ETF2L and it's Rep's, because those Slots can't be filled during a running Season.

But now to better things the first TF-Portal ETF2L Season 3 Overview.

The Premierleague: Division 1

In the Premierleague Clan wotr (Team CoolerMaster) is for the most Players the clear cut Favorite. The first two Matches of them directly went against the two german Participants in the Premierleague Die Doppelnullen (ex-its a farm!) and our very own TFPortal Team. The Favorite won both Matches pretty clear.

The Clan Creativ lost their first 2 Matches quite high. Turbine at least doesn't seem to be their Homemap. Two times they got destroyed on it - 2:27 vs. Interrobang and 4:11 vs. Ubersexuals.

The Oslo Lions, at the moment second in the Table, managed a Draw against 4Kings on cp_gravelpit, but lost then clearly on ctf_turbine with 2:9.

Intresting will be the 2nd Games of the wotr-pursuers. 4Kings has a hard Task ahead with TLR. The Ubersexuals will play against the Doppelnullen and cruciamentum will have their finnish Derby with Interrobang.

In Week 3 of Division 1 there will again be a total of 5 Matches to play. The Games are sheduled for the 15./16.09.2008.
  • Oslo Lions - TFPortal.de
  • Die Doppelnullen - The Last Resort
  • Weapons of the Rebelion - Ubersexuals
  • cruciamentum - Creativ`TF2
  • 4 Kings - Interrobang

The first 4 Matches have a all a clear Favorite. Intresting will be how well Interrobang fares against 4King on the Maps cp_well and cp_badlands.

How well do the German Clans n2o and r@ts in their Divisions? This and other Questions will get answered tomorrow then we will give you the Overview on Divisions 2a and 2b.


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