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New TF2 squad from idk?
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 12.09.2008 Time 17:25

After the success of the black label from idk?(i don't know?) at the ETF2L in Division 2B, the new idk?-squad, idk? white label, entered the ETF2L as well, participating in Division 3A and currently holding the 1st place in their division.

The idk white squad is the second TF2 squad from idk?. The squad has been formed in July this year and consists of 8 members:

1. pex - Solider, comes from Doppelnullen | Clan00
2. shox - Soldier, comes from Ubersexuals
3. macfox - Scout, came back after being inactive. Comes from IDK 1.
4. nighter - Demoman, comes from Toplink.
5. calm - Soldier, works as a substitute.
6. Loco, Medic
7. Winneh, Scout

The line-up is not to be underestimated. Loco, playing as Medic in the squad, comes from DCSB Red, and Winneh, playing as Scout in the squad, comes from HerbsArmy.


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