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6on6 Nations Championship Warm-Up Cup Finale *UPD*
Written by Unknown on 07.09.2008 Time 19:34

Today is teh Final of the ESL 6on6 Nations Championship Warm-Up Cup. This time the Final features a nordic match between the teams from Sweden and Finland.

Sweden was defeated by Finland prior in the Cup and had to fight in the Loserbracket. After they defeated the team of the United Kingdom, they fight against img src="/gfx/flags/fi.gif" /> Finland again.
So it's kind of a revenge match, don't miss it!

The match's commentator is Leonardo „Leogeo2“ Gonzalez and will be broadcasted by pwnage.tv. You can enjoy the match without the commentator via this SourceTV channel:


The match starts at 21:00 CET.

After 3 exciting Maps, Team Sweden beat Team Finland in a very close Match with 2:1 Mapwins. The scores:

cp_pro_granary 1 : 6
cp_gravelpit 2 : 0
cp_badlands 2 : 5

Congratulations to Sweden!


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