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Written by Unknown on 25.11.2011 Time 09:35

It's been a while since we last featured some videos here on TFPortal. Like in all good media, there are seasons with many good entries, and seasons with less activity. That's just natural. But not today.


Our first two videos are part of the "Blue Team Suffers Another Day of Failure" series made by grizby2. It features the usual G-mod stop-motion animation (which is of high quality already), but the really outstanding part is the usage of the class' lines: A proper, emotional story is told in these videos.


Blue Team Suffers Another Day of Failure - Part 1



Blue Team Suffers Another Day of Failure - Part 2




The last video in the "Moments with Heavy" series was released a year ago - about time that kitty0706 made another video, which is funny as usual.

Team Fortress 2: Moments with Heavy - French Toast




Last but not least, a nonsense video for those of you who enjoy such parodies. These videos deserve a chance as well ;)

If TF2 Ran On Windows 98...



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