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Double promotion update
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 24.11.2011 Time 13:38

One news and two updates to talk about: Worth it!

Valve continues with the promo-specials and also fixes some bugs while they're at it.  A new taunt for the Heavy Weapons Guy also made its way into the game with this update.

First - The promo items for everyone!

This time Assasain's Creed and Minecraft are the games responsible for the updates. Yes, you heard right, even Minecraft has its own promo item for TF2. Without further ado, all the changes and items are compiled in this changelog:

Update November 22nd

Team Fortress 2
  • Added the Dr. Whoa bowtie
  • Added a new taunt for the Heavy when he's wearing the FrankenHeavy set
  • WebAPI changes:
    • Fixed contained_item not always displaying in the web api results
    • Added a new API (IEconAssets_440/GetAssetPrices/v0001) for getting item prices
  • Fixed set bonuses activating outside of the proper holiday for holiday restricted items
  • Fixed the Loch-n-Load death notice icon not being displayed correctly



Update November 23rd

Team Fortress 2
  • Added new promo items
  • Fixed some visual conflicts with the Dr. Whoa bowtie and other items
  • Updated the Cold War Luchador, the Mark of the Saint, and the Apoco-Fists so they can be crafted and traded
  • Updated the localization files

  • Items Toggle View

    • Sharp Dresser

      The Sharp Dresser is a promotional melee weapon for the Spy. It is a retractable blade with an eagle-shaped hook worn under the sleeve like those used by Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad and Ezio Auditore da Firenze in the video game series Assassin's Creed.

      This weapon functions identically to the standard Knife.

    • Top Notch

      The Top Notch is a promotional headwear item for all classes. It appears as a cardboard box, with several smaller pieces glued on it, and a fedora on top of it, resembling Markus Persson's avatar in the artistic style of sandbox video-game Minecraft.

    • Dashin Hashshashin

      The Dashin' Hashshashin is a promotional headwear item for the Spy. It is a grey cloth hood and team-colored scarf resembling the one worn by Ezio Auditore da Firenze from the video game series Assassin's Creed.


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