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Yet another fake engineer update
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 31.03.2010 Time 01:01

Community fake updates are amusing and sweet the standby time until the upcoming update.The most recent fake update (of course for the engineer, another one) is done very well and actually looks like from Valve themselves, concerning their hints about Portal 2.

The website contains just one image, taken by the spy's camerabeard. In the background, there is an oildrum (with non-flammable oil), wooden barrels, ammunition boxes and a crate from Mann & Co. containing the Guard Dog. Though, the real eye candy is more in the foreground: a blueprint with all previous buildings by the engineer and possible unlocks, too.

Engineer No-Turn


It shoots no rocktes, but can attack several targets simultaneously. Though, it needs that much ammunition, that it always wants to be feeded.


Engineer Amplifier





It's generating health, just like the dispenser, however it generates no ammunition. In return, the whole team's chance for critical hits is increased by 10%.

Engineer Flying  Turret



Mobile sentrygun. It's mobile-mode allows operations ashore, as well as n the air or in the water





A bomb of a sort, which once started can't be stopped. However, it is usable just one time and requires long time for developing full power. It generates a magnetic field, which attracts and destroys all brazen objects.



Moreover there exists a panel for the Guard Dog's Rockets, unfortunately without available information. See it yourself and visit the "update" page here.


PS: This update is made by the same person that is responsible for the Guard Dog update, which was extended recently with unlockable hats for the dog. Once again, the updates quality is breathtaking.


Edit: Don't forget watching the website for the next days, for upcoming unlocks.


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