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TF2 QuickAction-Clips
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 27.03.2010 Time 13:26

Readers of  CommunityFortressmay already know, but for all the others I would like to present you now the TF2 QuickAction Clips. fr Loïc (aka lzl8) presents these short videos, including sweet teamplay or fine actions, on his Youtube channel to the public .The clips range from  two double airshots, or a team-bashing scout, to a sniper owning the whole enemy team. Actually, every clip is not much longer than one minute and so, they are just the right thing for everyone who likes fast TF2 action without starting the game.

For those, who would like to learn more about  Loïc (aka lzl8), watch  his blog ,where he recently refered about the mentioning of his clips on CommFT and announced, that  the numbers of his blog's subscribers increased form 50 to 90. Moreover, he is part of the french page TeamFortress Headquaters (the french counterpart to TFPortal or CommFT).

But now, let's walk the talk(respectively videos):

(Caution: This clip has  enourmous volume!)

This channel is absolutely worth a visit. Personally, I am looking forward to his upcoming videos.


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