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TF2 mod released: The Great Class Dash
Written by Unknown on 22.03.2010 Time 21:21

Dylan 'Steaky' Loney has released his TF2 mod "The Great Class Dash" today. As we reported earlier, the mod features 2d gameplay with all 9 classes from the 3d game. Each game has its own unique ability.

  • Scout: Can perform a double jump
  • Heavy: Can break through walls
  • Sniper: Can walk past wild animals unharmed
  • Pyro: His suit protects him from dangerous mosquitoes as well as hot steam.
  • Medic: Can heal injured teammates (NPCs, not the characters you control)
  • Spy: Can walk past sentries without being spotted (ninja style)
  • Demoman: Can walk past sticky bomb traps
  • Engineer: Can use teleporters
  • Soldier: Can defeat the Muck (epic boss battle)

In order to play the mod, simply download the mod and extract all of the files in your game folder. After that's done, create a server and select "classdash" as map.

Please note that the mod will reconfigure your controls, so you better create a backup from your config. You can find more details in the Readme.

You can find the mod here.

And here is a trailer from the mod:



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