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TF2 Update: New Items
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 19.03.2010 Time 08:06

Again, Valve praises the community for helping shape the own game. On the TF2-Blog you can find brand-new information about the possibility of helping form TF2. Lately, there is not just talk about hats or avatars,but rather the chance of presenting models for weapons, too.

The whole text can be found on TF2-Blog.

More excitingly from our view, or from those waiting for the update, those ones who yaw for every single news, is the question: "What has been implemented into the game last night?"

Besides one new hat for every class, there are also 3 new "weapons":

The Homewrecker



  • Level 5 Sledgehammer
  • 100% damage on buildings
  • -25%damages on enemies

The Pain Train



  • Level 5 emergency-club
  • Raises rate of capturing by 1
  • Raises damage taken by bullets by 10%

The Dalokohs Bar



Dalokahs Bar

  • Level 1 Lunchbox
  • Raises health points by 50 for 30 seconds

The new hats


Physician's Procedure Mask Physician's Procedure Mask
The Hound Dog The Hound DOg
Hustlers Hallmark Hustlers  Hallmark
Magistrate's Mullte Magistartes  Mullet
Hotrod Hotrod
Troublemaker's Tossle Cap Troublemakers Tossle Cap
Tribioniophorus Tyrannus Trybionyphorus  Tyrannus
Killer's Kabuto Killers Kabuto
Shooter's Sola Topi Shooters Sola Topi


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