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TF2 Modding Special - Part 2: Gameplay Mods
Written by Unknown on 07.03.2010 Time 12:42

Today we present you the 2nd part of your TF2 Modding Special. In case you've missed part 1, check it out here.

Today's subject is: Gameplay Mods


Both Half-Life 1 and Hal-Life 2 are a haven for each modder. You can costumize almost any aspect of these games, giving you all the freedom even the most ambitious and most talented programmers, artists and game designers coul ever wish for (on a freeware basis, that is). For anyone who's interested in Source Modding, visit the Valce Developer Community.

By using the Source SDK, you can create single-player mods like Black Mesa Source or Minerva, as well as multi-player mods like GoldenEye: Source, Fortress Forever and Pirates, Vikings and Knights II.

In case of Team Fortress 2, however, things aren't as easy as in Half-Life 2. You still can create custom models, skins, sound effects and maps, not anything beyond that is verydifficult to accomplish, although it's not impossible. The only way to create some changes in terms of gameplay is thrugh extensive scripting. Though you can't pull of something groundbreaking like new classes, the results the modders have achieved so far is still very impressive.

Here are 3 examples for maps with custom gamemodes.

Baloon Race


This is map is similar to the Payload Race mode. Each team has a Zeppelin that transports them to the control points. The team with the most control points captures wins.

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Zombie Fortress



Some of you may recognize this map from Sliders: Depthwards. This nidnight version of Dustbowl features a special rule for the BLU team: They can only use melee. Obviously they're supposed to be the zombies, and the RED team must defend themselves from these zombies. You may not see shit due to the darkness, but that's exactly what makes this map special: You have to keep attention at all times. The map also features the legendare main theme of John Carpender's "Halloween". (Also heard in the movie).

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Circus Mod



This mod is a work-in-progress, but looks promising. Each team is about to receive a new circus-themed model. On top of that, they're panning ti implement 2 additional teams (Green and Yellow). We'll keep you updated.

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The Great Class Dash


This one is a work-in-progress too, but is supposed to be released within the next few monhs. The player controls one class at a time and must use their unique abilities to complete each level. What you can see in the video is the Scout and his double-jump ability, the Sniper and his ability to get pass wild animals unharmed and the Heavy and his wall-breaking ability.

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