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It's war!
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 11.12.2009 Time 07:56

It´s war? That´s a old hat! Of course there is war in Team Fortress 2! But this time it´s special. But one thing at a time. If you have read the Steam News than you may already have found some spare Information about the coming up TF2 Update. But for more info you should check out the TF2 Blog.
WAR Demoman vs. Soldier
As hoped, Valve announced that the Demo vs. Soldier Update will be released next week. But this time it will be a little bit different. But first the typical Details that have been promised.

  • Three new unlockable Items for the Demo
  • Three new unlockable Items for the Soldier
  • New Maps
  • New Achievements
  • with new surprises included

New will be that one of the two classes will get a fourth unlockable Weapon. Which of the class it will be is decided through a global war on every server. The class which kills most of the other class will win the new Weapon. This is also topped off with new sentences from the announcer if you are playing the demo or soldier class. 

All up to date information about the war, the news to the unlockable Items, Achievements and much more can soon be found on the specific Update Site.

And don´t say that we didn´t tell you:
What if some of you try to cheat to bump the numbers? We'll know. (Though we also know many of you won't be able to resist trying anyway.)


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