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Quiet and stealthy ...
Written by Unknown and translated by Unknown on 22.05.2009 Time 16:48

... that's exactly the way the new headwear found its way into the latest TF2 Sniper vs Spy Update.
On the steam forums, users have found the following pictures included in the  "items.GCF" file and extracted and published them. Finding one of those decorative hats, is also a matter of luck, as it is with the new weapons.

Sniper Medic
TF2 Spy Hat TF2 Sniper Hat TF2 Medic Hat
Heavyguy Demoman
TF2 Engineer Hat TF2 Heavy Guy Hat TF2 Demoman Hat
Pyro Soldier Scout
TF2 Pyro Hat TF2 Soldier Hat TF2 Scout Hat

Have you already found one of these hats? Then post some pictures on our Forums!


After Valve released the update without any hint on the headwear, the announced it today on a bonuspage of the update blog. There, the headwear is officially announced together with the community payload map Hoodoo.

TF2 - Sniper vs Spy - Bonus Page


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