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About TFPortal.de

Everything started 10 years ago. The user MeeB created a Team Fortress fansite called www.TFortress2.de on the Gamez.de Network in 1999 (now defunct). He was inspired by one of his friends who also had a site on the Network, wciii.de. The first version of the site was created with Frontpage(Unfortunately, our web archives doesn't have any data from that time.)

One year later (2000) the side featured content in both German and English for the first time. The site, at that time, was only a small success since there weren't any news about Team Fortress 2 at this point.

TFPortal 2000-2001In 2001, the design was revamped. Due to insuf ficient news about Team Fortress 2, it was decided to feature news and content about Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike, Valve and other news as well to keep on track.

Meanwhile, the Gamez.de Network suffered from financial problems (see above). Luckily, we were able to obtain the rights for the domain www.TFortress2.de for free. The guys from CStrike.de and TF2.de were supposed to obtain the right, but then again we were the lucky ones.

It followed a musical chairs-like situation: We first hosted our site on Fanstage, but this network went bankrupt 8 months later. Our next host was Gamesmania who was shut down in mid 2004. At this point we decided to temporary shut down the website since Team Fortress 2's development status was stated as 'coming soon'.TFPortal 2001-2004

After a one year long coffee break, the webmaster of TF2-World.de offered me to merge his website with mine. I agreed, and we managed one combined side under the domains TeamFortress2.de and TF2-World.de. Even though the site was back online, we were in desperate need of any good news about Team Fortress 2.

Then, in July 2006, there was THE news. It not only marked the beginning of a party with Champagne, but also marked the beginning of TFPortal.

Everything went smootly at this point. TFPortal.de was a great success and has over 1800 registered members as of February 2009. Our community is supporting us with their ideas and suggestions, and our staff loves to answer the numerous questions of the community.

On February 1st 2009 the site celebrated its 10th anniversary (See the anniversary news here). Ten years are a long time on the internet, and we're very proud of it. Let us hope that there will be another great 10 years for us!

Who are the people behind TFPortal?

There are many people involved into this project who are working behind the scenes. This site wouldn't be possible without them.

From the financial site, Sven "MeeB" Scholz is taking care of everything. The revenue from the ads on the site are used to pay the bills, it's not used for our own benefits.

TFPortal.de is neither a company nor an agency or anything else that is commercial. Everything is managed of by users who work for free. Every single one of them is putting a lot of effort into the site - the reason is the community. We want to provide them with news and content as god as possible, we're all fans after all.

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